Environment Protection Equipment
A small-sized environment-protection dredger was imported from USA for rivers and lakes dredging in 2012. We will use environmental protection cover and underwater pump parallel spiral dredging method to refrain from over-dredging and to reduce the extraction and loss of water and also avoid further damages to ecological environment. The floating pipeline transports the sludge and pollutants at the bottom of the lakes and rivers to the shore.
Dewatering equipment station is capable of continuous operation on shore.
Sludge dewatering equipment.Water with sludge will be dumped to material separators to remove debris and pollutants,and then the filtered sludge will be led to mud stroge deviceand then tothe mud modification device for the process of flocculation.
Filter-type dewatering equipment(Drier), a device produced by our group,is capable of continuous operation and meeting the requirements and standards of dewatering volume without adding solidification materials such as lime or concretes during operation.
Mud cake after dewatering is natural organic fertilizer.It is rich in protein, nucleic acid and nutrients and trace elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus andPotassium, which are necessary for plant growth. The mud cake’s fertilizer efficiency is higher than that of general farmyard manure. It is suitable for planting vegetables and fruits,greening, etc.
Remainder water after processing can be directly re-discharged into the rivers and lakes and can nourish fishes, irrigate plants and is free from any ecological pollution.