Company Profile

Xiangyu Dredging Holdings Ltd. (Code. HK00871) is one of the largest privately-owned dredging service providers in china. We operate in the capital & reclamation dredging, environmental protection dredging (EPD), water system management, salvage& heavy-lift, and dredging-related engineering services sectors. We provide innovative solutions in port, waterway, environmental protection, and infra industries.
Nowadays, capital & reclamation dredging business are the largest activity within the group. We have very positive view on the potential of the EPD as well as salvage& heavy-lift businesses.
The headquarters of Xiangyu in mainland China is in Yancheng of Jiangsu Province. We have approximately 500 employees and our versatile fleet consists of over 50 vessels and equipment. Our experience spreads in more than 10 provinces and more than 20 projects.
Xiangyu has been in a rapid growth in the recent years and successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2011. Along with the further industrialization and urbanization of Asian countries, Xiangyu will have a greater development in the future...